About Us

PT. Citra Crocotama International, was established since 1985.  As a manufacturer and supplier of baby fashion and baby shoes for HIPOfant brand name as our main product line, we principally engage in production of a wide range of products like: babysets, baby apparels, baby shoes, baby socks and many more. 

Recently, we also alert to comply with Our Cotton USA mark and our Organic Cotton, in which our assurance of pure cotton quality are exactly safe for baby's safety and comfort.

Our production plant is located in Jakarta, Indonesia.  We employ 180 workers for shoes production, 400 workers for garment production, and 65 office workers, and 650 workers for SPG (Sales Promotion Girl) throughout every Department Stores in the whole country of Indonesia.

In order to maintain Consistent high quality and year round availability, we directly manufacture virtually every single part that is needed for manufacturing a finished products, where all tooling, assembling and packing processes are in-house for improved efficiency.

We also have our own R&D department to develop new baby fashion and apparels, a team of people who are specialized in design, tooling, assembling, packaging and quality inspection.
This is why the brand HIPOfant has been one of the best ruling company in Asia's baby industries.  And this year, to continue and to strive for our customers'satifactions, we decided to come out with more designs and greater motives in our products


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